Zaurus PDA Programming

Zaurus SL5500 & Zaurus SL5000D


Welcome to my little Sharp Zaurus web site.
I hope to create a bit of a Zaurus programming tutorial on this site.
I'm learning too, so I will be working together with you to work out the problems.

The coolest thing about the Zaurus is that it runs on an open source Linux operating system. This means that you can get free tools to create your own open source applications for your Zaurus.

This site will help you find and learn to use those tools.

Mating connectors for the docking connector are now available. CLICK HERE
Try it out:
Want to try out the Zaurus operating system before you lay out the money for one?
You can get a demo of the Zaurus operating system, Qtopia, that will run on your Linux desktop. Follow this link for instructions. With the demo, you can check out the operating system before you purchase your Zaurus.

Once you try the demo, and if you haven't already purchased your Zaurus, click the picture to get one.
Purchasing your Zaurus SL5500 through this link, helps keep this site up.

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