Zaurus PDA Demo

Run the Qtopia operating enviroment on your desktop.

If you haven't seen a Zaurus at work, you can down load and run this demo of the operating system. It creates a virtual framebuffer and runs the Qtopia operating system in it.
You can experiment with the programs, try out, and learn to use the Zaurus before you purchase one.

Demo Instructions:
(1) The demo file is located here. Installing Qtopia on Linux/x86
Save the file qpe-1.3.1-bin-x86.tar.gz to your home directory.
Note you need a Linux operating system.

(2) Untar the file by using the command: tar -zxvf qpe-1.3.1-bin-x86.tar.gz
This will create a sub directory in your home directory.

(3) Change to that directory. cd qpe-1.3.1-bin-x86

(4) Launch the demo with the command ./start_demo

You should be rewarded with the main screen of the Zaurus.

Have fun playing with the Zaurus / Qtopia system.

In the meantime, if you haven't already purchased your Zaurus, click the picture to get one.
Purchasing your Zaurus SL5500 through this link, helps keep this site up.

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